An Interpol agent in the late 20th Century, known for being the best man for the job, and for being about two feet tall.

He fought the villainous Mr. X.


Working with Interpol

After successfully capturing the gunman, 00 heard an all-points-bulletin being issued for a cargo truck, believed to be carrying a kidnapped prominent businessman.

00 sped through the streets to reach the truck, and quickly found the vehicle. Pulling up alongside, he demanded that they pull over.

When the driver of the truck obliged him, 00 escaped the sights of the passengers, and managed to hide on top of the truck. When the henchmen in the front seat exited, he leaped from above, forcing them to the ground and knocking them out.

When the driver followed, he hid underneath the truck, then knocked him to the ground, quickly rendering him unconscious.

Coming around behind the truck, 00 shot the final kidnapper before the criminal had any time to react. He then informed the kidnapped businessman that he worked for Interpol. (FILM: The Impossible Kid)


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