His body was WEAK!

–Antisepticeye, commenting disdainfully on the deceased JackSepticEye

He's a heartless bastard. He ain't got no heart.

–JackSepticEye, commenting on his hated foe

Antisepticeye is an anomalous entity known for inhabiting the body of JackSepticEye.


  • In terms of their inception as fandom-only characters, Darkiplier came first. Ironically, Anti was the first to appear as an actual character in the videos.
  • In "ANTINATOR", Jack lays out multiple background details of the Antisepticeye character while playing Akinator. Among them are:
    • Jack states that Anti has no heart, although he fails to clarify whether this is in a literal or metaphorical sense, although it could be taken both ways considering the common depiction of Anti as a possessive force inside Jack's body.
    • Jack is uncertain whether or not he is in love with Phil Lester.
    • Jack implies Anti may be omnipresent.
    • He does not share the same genetic makeup as Jack.
    • He may be a foot model in a parallel universe.
    • He cares little for things of monetary value.
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