"Camerahead" (alternatively "Cameraheads", or "I Killed a Camerahead") is a lost Creepypasta, that revolved around a character's descent into madness after discovering the existence of entities known as the Cameraheads.[1] The story and associated characters supposedly predate other Creepypasta characters such as Slender Man, The Rake, Smile Dog, and Jeff the Killer.[2]

Supposed Synopsis

Commonly Accepted

An anonymous 4chan user discovers a backpack with items in it, whether it be scattered books and a note,[3] or a tape, broken camera, and a letter.[1] He finds the written message, "I killed a Camerahead".[1][3] The user then finds himself being stalked by the Cameraheads, posting photos of them as they hunt him.[3]


The Cameraheads had two separate forms, had been sighted as early as the 1950s, and were connected to UFO sightings.[4]

Discovery of Loss

On 13 February 2014, an anonymous poster asked whether other users remembered or had the Camerahead pasta. Only one reply was received, asking whether the op was inquiring after the "Hellraiser III" character.[5]

Evidence of Existence

The page "Camerahead" was once present on the no-longer-extant /x/ board wiki /x/enopedia, in the categories "Bullshit" (indicating oversaturation),[6] "Videos" (indicating the presence of a video in the article),[7] and "Stub" (indicating the brevity of the article at that time).[8] Those category pages were saved only once each, on 19 August 2009.

In the "Categories" category of the site, archived on the same date,[9] one can see the that the Bullshit, Videos, and Stub categories all have the same number of pages as shown in their respective archived pages. However, the next date it was archived, 22 April 2010, shows that the Bullshit category had fallen to six pages,[10] possibly indicating that either the Camerahead page or other pages were removed from the category.

Popular Culture

  • In 2018, Pastebin user Ein_schmutzig_Junge compiled a Pastebin document labeled the "Chart of Truth", compiling resources about common topics on the /x/ board. The Cameraheads section remains empty.[11]
  • DeviantArt artist Gallibon created their own character, "CameraMask", explicitly noting its derivation from the lost Camerahead story.[12]
  • blameitonjorge discussed the story in the video "Lost Media Case Files Vol 1.", stating his belief that the story was real and that it would one day be rediscovered.[13]
  • Horror artist charcoalman revealed his take on the Camerahead character in a piece called "Cameraheads".[14]


Possible leads

Television time - Teagle - 15 September 2008
  • <post num="85274" date="2007-05-01 23:03">

<img />


  • <post num="85292" date="2007-05-01 23:23">

That is scary. A man with a camera built into his head? No wonder he ended it all.]]></text> </post>

  • <post num="85302" date="2007-05-01 23:32">

You could get some great secret porn that way.]]></text> </post>

  • 2008 DeviantArt work by Teagle, claimed to be a screencap from the British television show, "You've Been Framed".[15] An edited version of the image lacking the bottom third has been linked to Camerahead by some 4chan posters.[16][17]
  • On 17 August 2020, a 4chan user on the /x/ board mentioned another user on the /co/ board had found a videoclip containing the two scenes.[18][19] While that particular video came too late to influence the story, it does prove that the images came from "You've Been Framed".
  • An anonymous user posted an image, which was then reacted to by another anonymous user, whose own post was subsequently quoted and replied to.
  • These three posts in XML file 83112, as downloaded from the Internet Archive's "4Chan Threads Text Archive Ten Billion 2009"[20] archive dump, which is the same location that the original post for SCP-173,[21] Jeff the Killer,[22] and the Tree Dog[23] were found.
Possible camerahead lead
At the Window - 9 Scary TRUE Reddit Stories - Halloween Celebration - Lazy Masquerade - 24-13
  • An image denoting more detail to the "Camerahead" story than commonly included, while indicating a possible lead of greentext posts.[4]
  • A screenshot from the video "9 Scary TRUE Reddit Stories - Halloween Celebration" by YouTuber Lazy Masquerade. In the story "At the Window", a character encounters a creature similar to the alleged Camerahead.[24]
  • The story actually dated to a Reddit post by user judgjymcjudgerton in the thread, "In the spirit of Halloween - Paranormal or not, what is the scariest, creepiest or most unsettling experience of your life?", dated 23 October 2016.[25]
  • The full story read: 15 years old. I had just got home from work, so I went to my bedroom to change out of my work clothes and get ready for bed. I'm in the middle of undressing when I look to my bedroom window to catch my reflection... and I see a man's face. I dropped to the floor and turned off the lights, scrambling to get dressed, still watching the window. The face is gone, but I'm still watching, then... a fucking camera. No face, just a camera pointed at me sitting on the floor. I bolt from my room and tell my mom and brother. My brother went outside, and our ladder from the backyard was lying there. But nobody around. Couldn't sleep for a year after that, just stared at that window. Haven't thought about that in years. Thanks Reddit![26]



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