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The Central Hub was a space station located in inter-mutiversal space, or in other words, inside the untread pathways of the Omniverse. Originally, the base was a variant of Deep Space Nine, from the Star Trek Multiverse. Following the application of Time Lord science, it became the Central Hub.

Its purpose was to allow for the residents of different multiverses to interact and to serve as a launching point for exploration of the Omniverse.

Unfortunately, it became obsolete, fell into disrepair, and was abandoned. At some point later, someone or something re-powered the systems, making the station randomly pluck people of interest from their home realities, where they would find themselves stranded on the station.

The Central Hub also chose to replicate portions of various locales throughout the Omniverse - towns, landmarks, geographic locations, even chunks of countries - suitable for the abducted life-forms. On occasion, life forms would be plucked as well as the locations, leading to small communities being formed.

Current Residents

  • A variant of Abraham Lincoln. Took some time getting used to his new life, and quickly proved to be useful.
  • A variant of Adam Wagstaff, one who developed a time machine that he could use personally. When exposed to superior technology, he was able to build a machine capable of transporting others as well.
  • A variant of Al Bundy.
  • A variant of Anatole Blaylock. In this multiverse, he captured Le Renard very early on, meaning that he didn't go through the same misery that most others did.
  • A variant of Angela Baker. Due to server error, it is unknown whether she is Peter or the real Angela.
  • A variant of Becky Alvarez. After taking some time to adjust, she promptly found herself working with other law enforcement agents.
  • A variant of Bing Conan was plucked on his journey to Hyboria.
  • A variant of Bruno was brought over, and was incredibly frustrated that Dr. Tongue came with him.
  • A variant of Inspector Calhoun. It took him some time to adjust, but he quickly realized that some form of law enforcement needed to be set up.
  • A variant of Charles Barkley, Earth's greatest warrior.
  • A variant of Charley Sterling, one from a universe in which Martians invaded. He was abducted two days in advance of their invasion, and after managing to escape back to his home universe, he found the human race extinct. He was then willing to return to the Hub.
  • A variant of The Doge was sent here for reasons unknown, and was adopted by a resident.
  • A variant of Ethel Janowski.
  • A variant of Goldine Serafin.
  • A variant of Doctor Hu, as well as several of his lackeys, all of whom unfortunately disappeared soon after arrival. He is believed to have met up with Captain Yamoto and his men.
  • A variant of Isabelle, the Israeli sniper commonly plucked by Yautja to be hunted on their reserve worlds.
  • A variant of Iris Candler, following Ricky Beamer's takeover of The Creeps.
  • A variant of James Dale, who had some difficulty adjusting.
  • A variant of Jess Brown, nabbed before her murder by Mary Lou Maloney.
  • A variant of John Curtis, who was plucked randomly. His universe of origin is unknown.
  • A variant of Johnny was taken, after he became fed up with his world. This particular variant went to a nearby flower shop, and was abducted along with Doggie. He was quite amazed by the sophisticated technology on display, and is currently doing quite well.
  • A variant of Jorji Costava was abducted from his home reality. He immediately took over Aqua World, and re-named it Cobrastan, from which he began to peddle various narcotics and other contraband he was able to find.
  • A variant of Lynch, who disappeared not long after arrival.
  • A variant of Mr. Midnight, disappeared not long after arrival.
  • A variant of Penny Pilgrim.
  • A variant of Sergeant Pugsley. As in his home multiverse, Pugsley was almost undetectable among humans.
  • A variant of Sam Butler, abducted from a universe in which he died and his body was never found. He was abducted before his scheduled death, making sure that his body never would be found.
  • A variant of Sharp Hand Joe was suspected to have somehow made it aboard.
  • A variant of The Tobacco Man, notable for having disappeared soon after being abducted.
  • A variant of Major Tom, sometime after his fateful voyage into space.
  • A variant of Dr. Tongue was abducted and deposited here, along with his servant Bruno. He immediately began planning evil schemes after hiding himself away.
  • A variant of Vincent Dawn, and some of his compatriots.
  • A variant of Wilford Warfstache, the famous reporter.
  • Several Yautja warriors of undetermined origins have been loosed on the base.
  • A variant of Zantoro, abducted from immediately before his usual zombification. When his allies searched for him at the elevator, events proceeded as they would have had he been there.

Prominent Locales

  • A variant of Aqua World was taken, and deposited into the Atlantic Ocean, devoid of any residents. When Jorji Costava was abducted, he found himself here, before making his way to the mainland. Realizing its potential, he re-christened it "Cobrastan", and began peddling various illicit wares from there.
  • A chunk of the Atlantic Ocean, which had been placed directly above a variant of Vasyugan Swamp. Onboard systems realized a mistake had been made, and pressurized the atmosphere of the swamp to simultaneously hold the ocean above it while also being livable by average humanoid standards.
  • The Axis Chemicals plant was brought aboard.
  • A variant of Mount Mihara, plucked centuries before its involvement with Godzilla.
  • A variant of Mount Shushmore.
  • A variant of Mos Eisley, and a chunk of the surrounding desert.
  • A variant of Nakatomi Plaza, from a universe in which John McClane's battle with Hans Gruber left the building gutted and derelict.
  • A variant of the Powell Estate was snatched up at one point, the entirety of the Estate, during a snowy winter.
  • A variant of the city of Springfield, Illinois, grabbed during the heat of summer.