"Chef" was a human chef from the Internet Reviewer Multiverse, and an associate of Markiplier.


The Chef had experience with what he termed, "flesh eating zombies". (WEB VIDEO: Who Killed Markiplier? - Chapter 2)

The Chef had also been arrested multiple times. (TUMBLR:


Chef managed to get a job at a restaurant, along with Benjamin.[1]

Markiplier's Date

After Markiplier and Chica finished their meal, Chef walked up angrily to the table, demanding payment. When Markiplier failed to find his wallet, he picked up a knife.

After Chica failed to pay, Chef declared both of his customers to be deadbeats, and dragged Markiplier out of the store. He threw the YouTuber into the minivan, and noticing Chica had followed along behind, threw her into the vehicle as well. Locking them both in the vehicle, Chef laughed maniacally as he thought about what he was going to do with his captives.

He got into the car and starting it, ignoring Markiplier's pleas for a second chance, and focused intently on his driving, unaware that Markiplier had come close to striking him with a tire iron.

Arriving at his destination, Chef pulled Markiplier out of the car, calling the flustered YouTuber his "main ingredient", and pulled Chica out as well, throwing hoods over them both, before dragging them from the parking lot to a pre-prepared cell.

Chef locked them both in, informing his captives that they were on the menu, before walking away, laughing maniacally.

A short time later, the Chef found that the two of them had escaped, and cornered them. Chef advanced on Chica, swinging the tire iron, and hitting Chica viciously three times, before Markiplier intervened and used his PS4 Controller.

Chef, confused and in pain from the Controller's effects, asked what was happening before screaming in agony, finally exploding in a violent fireball. (WEB SERIES: A Date With Markiplier)



  1. These events occur off-screen prior to the events of "A Date With Markiplier".
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