Damien was a lifelong friend of Markiplier and Colonel William J. Barnum.

Oh! There you are, old friend. How are you settling into your new office? Now, I'll know it'll take some getting used to, but there's no one I would rather have alongside me to protect this great city of ours.

Damien, speaking to us, the viewer.



Damien was born later than Celine by ten minutes. (WEB VIDEO: Damien)

Mayoral Activities

While under the employ of Markiplier, Detective Abe collected newspaper headlines in the course of an investigation. Said newspaper headlines ranged from "City's Mayor is Demon in Disguise?" to "Celebrity Actor in Cahoots with Beloved Mayor", and finally to "Police Remain Clueless Following Celebrity Death". (WEB VIDEO: Who Killed Markiplier? The Final Chapter)


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