Do you understand me? Nobody does.

Markiplier, while under Darkiplier's influence

Darkiplier was an anomalous entity from the Internet Reviewer Multiverse, a cunning and sadistic manipulator who sought to possess and destroy others.


The malevolent entity that would become Darkiplier began its existence as Markiplier Manor, before circumstances allowed it to seize hold of the souls of Damien and Selina. Using their likenesses, the Manor manipulated Yancy Nancy, the District Attorney, to allow Damien and Selina (in reality the entity) access to Nancy's deceased body. (WEB VIDEO: Who Killed Markiplier?)



Darkiplier rose to his feet in front of Colonel William J. Barnum, and stepped back in shock after viewing the armed colonel. Barnum reassured the hybrid entity, whom he still believed to be Yancy Nancy, that all was well, and fell into insanity after the false revelation that anyone he'd killed or had seen die were all alive, and that their death's were false. As Barnum ran off, Darkiplier retrieved Damien's cane, and changed his form from that of Yancy Nancy, to that of Damien's. As Darkiplier looked into the mirror, he trapped Nancy's soul their, leaving them behind in the husk of the Manor. (WEB SERIES: Who Killed Markiplier?)

Ruining Markiplier's Celebration

While Markiplier attempted to count off 100 reasons why he was thankful for his fans, Darkiplier snuck up behind him on an inflatable swan. Before Markiplier could notice him, Darkiplier seized his hated nemesis and dragged him beneath the pool's water, incapacitating him. (SKETCH: relax)

After dragging him to the poolside, Darkiplier forced Markiplier to the ground, while shoving marshmallows into his enemy's mouth. He proceeded to add hot peppers, and eventually cinnamon, causing great discomfort for Markiplier. (SKETCH: relax)

A Lack of Understanding

Markiplier played a game, but failed to undertand how to do so properly. While trying to understand how to play, Markiplier began listening to the narrator repeat his lines, and began repeating them himself. As he did so, the effects of Darkiplier's reality warping became visible, and Markiplier's voice was overtaken by Darkiplier's. (SKETCH: Don't Play This Game)

The Markiplier TV Project

Darkiplier became one of the board members of Markiplier TV. (SKETCH: Markiplier TV)[1]

After Wilford Warfstache presented his pre-recorded proposals for the content of the channel, he was met with wide-spread disapproval from the other members. Darkiplier, barely restraining his anger, stated that he appreciated what Wilford had done, but failed to see how the Markiplier TV project would win the board members the channel back.

After allowing the other board members to argue, Darkiplier again reiterated his respect for Warfstache, but added that he felt Warfstache had missed the point of what they were trying to do. (SKETCH: Markiplier TV)

Argument with Antisepticeye

Darkiplier summoned Antisepticeye to his world. (SKETCH: DARKIPLIER vs ANTISEPTICEYE)[2]

The two entities met, with Darkiplier expressing his surprise that Antisepticeye came. Darkiplier expressed his opinion that there was room for only of them of them in the world, and that only one of them could ever triumph.

Antisepticeye declared Darkiplier to be weak, comparing him to JackSepticEye. Darkiplier labelled Antisepticeye's previous endeavours to be failures, and told his rival to kill himself.

Darkiplier and Antisepticeye hear GrizzlyVoices's roar

Antisepticeye retorted that his plans had already succeeded and that the people of the world were his already. Darkiplier told Antisepticeye that he didn't belong there, and that he ought best to return home. Antisepticeye declared that he already was home. Darkiplier declared that they would see about that when their argument was interrupted by guttural roars from an adjacent forest.

GrizzlyVoices appeared, inquiring whether she smelled honey, before introducing herself. Darkiplier tried to say that he and Antisepticeye were busy, but GrizzlyVoices responded by firing miniature bears as projectiles. One bear hit Darkiplier's chest, but he was unfazed. Antisepticeye began telling Darkiplier that he was unstoppable, but was interrupted by the arrival of ABlazingPhil, who declared that those who came to Britain would find their tear cold, and their crumpets burned.

Darkiplier then tried to continue his and Antisepticeye's argument, but DannyDarko appeared, informing onlookers that they could not escape him. As Antisepticeye admonished DannyDarko, SharkYoHo appeared on the ocean, and proceeded to fire sharks out of their cannons.

Antisepticeye started speaking, but was interrupted by TJSith, who began demonstrating his lightning based abilities. Darkiplier shouted at him, saying that nobody cared about TJSith's unlimited power, and was interrupted by KillThePJ. Antisepticeye threatened to slice his own throat, but Darkiplier pointed out that the other entities wouldn't care if he did.

TomSKAR arrived, and let out a fearsome roar. The DarkDan arrived, pretending to be danisnotonfire, before revealing himself and declaring that Dan had been dead for years. Pamick Attack appeared, and tried to cause anxiety in Darkiplier and Antisepticeye, before being interrupted by the arrival of JacksKills, who was in turn interrupted by Logan Paulution, who demonstrated the toxic smog that was generated by his hip thrusts. Darkiplier tried vainly to tell Logan to stop, only for Ian KNEEcox to arrive. A penis happened to appear next to KNEEcox, who kneed it away. Darkiplier again tried in vain to try to dismiss KNEEcox, but KNEEcox had already begun attack Logan Paulution, who continued to thrust.

JacksKills and DannyDarko began to fluctuate from reality, while TJSith fell under his own lightning. Darkiplier and Antisepticeye watched in horror while ABlazingPhil fell in his own flames, Paulution suffocated from his own smog, and Pamick Attack fled in fear.

The DarkDan shrugged, and keeled over, dead, while TomSKAR stood, mouth agape, unable to scream, before writhing in pain and falling to the ground. GrizzlyVoices spewed bears at the enemy, while gripped with a horrible fear, before succumbing.

Darkiplier turned to Antisepticeye, asking if the unseen enemy was "one of his", but Antisepticeye confirmed it was not. An explosion sounded from below decks of SharkYoHo's ship, and the trio sank beneath the waves, going down with their ship.

The enemy revealed itself to them: Chica. The dog declared itself to be hungry, and Antisepticeye angrily asked why Darkiplier hadn't fed it, with Darkiplier responding that he'd been busy. The dog advanced on them, and Darkiplier had only time to scream before he and Antisepticeye were devoured. (SKETCH: DARKIPLIER vs ANTISEPTICEYE)


Darkiplier is a social manipulator, dedicated to luring people into a false sense of security, leading them to trust him, that he might take advantage of them.[3][4]

Darkiplier admires what Markiplier has accomplished, and wants it for himself.[3][4]

Powers and Abilities

  • Reality Warping - Darkiplier's very presence alters the space he occupies, though he can shut this off at will.
  • Manipulation - Darkiplier is quick to recognize an exploitable weakness and to use it to his advantage.
  • Teleportation - Darkiplier is capable of transporting both himself and others back and forth from his home dimension.
  • Time Manipulation - Darkiplier demonstrated the ability to roll back time.[5] (WEB SERIES: A Date With Markiplier)


For the people picking Darkiplier as their favorite character of mine… I don’t know who Darkiplier is. He is not a “character” I play. I don’t even know when you all started calling him by that name.

You made him real. And now he knows who you are.

Why did you do this...

Mark Fischbach, responding to questioning about Darkiplier.[6]

Darkiplier was a fan invention, following the publishing of two short horror-themed videos, "DON'T BLINK", and "DON'T MOVE".[3][4] Fischbach had no intention of creating a character when making the two videos, having only wanted to make "creepy stuff".[3][4]

On November 16th, 2013, Fischbach made a Tumblr post reacting to the Fandom's invention of Darkiplier, in which he pointed out that he'd not created the character, the fans had, and implying that they had literally brought the character to life, ala a Tulpa.[6]

Over time, Fischbach noted that the fandom's treatment of the character evolved from a scary figure into a romantic one, causing Fischbach to shy away from utilizing the character.[3][4]

Darkiplier appeared in "relax", a short video dedicated to the markiplierGAME YouTube channel having arrived at 14 million subscribers. Fischbach would later term the version of the character in the video his "cheap knockoff Darkiplier". He admitted to having joked about Darkiplier because he felt the fandom didn't take the character seriously, and that the character had "diverged", with many different people in the fandom interpreting the character in many different ways. He felt it would be humorous to present Darkiplier as an "idiot", or a "weird emo kid".[3][4]

Fischbach began to feel pessimistic about the character, and when creating a new family for his "ATTACK OF THE MARKIPLIERS" Sims 4 livestream, made Darkiplier into an emo sim.[3][4]

While writing "A Date With Markiplier", a "choose-your-own-adventure" series of videos, Fischbach felt that there should be a Darkiplier route, and decided that he would reinvent the character along his own ideas, intending that the character should have an "unending level of creepiness," while making sure not to copy Seán McLoughlin's character Antisepticeye.[3][4] He decided that, in order to "make a statement" about what sort of character Darkiplier was, he would need to present the character in an unambiguous fashion, so that his interpretation would be clear and accepted.[3][4]

Fischbach took inspiration from G-Man, in that they are both interdimensional beings who, from outward appearances, seem human, but clearly aren't. Neither of them follow the laws of physics, and both of them, as interpreted by Fischbach, are beings in human "suits", i.e. are masquerading as humans and trying their best not to be revealed as being anything else.[3][4]

Popular Culture


  • While the original fandom interpretations of the character frequently considered Darkiplier to be a clone or evil half of Markiplier, Fischbach has stated that Darkiplier is an entirely separate character.[3][4]
  • Darkiplier doesn't obey the laws of physics, much like Wilford Warfstache.[3][4]
  • Darkiplier doesn't cast a shadow.[3][4]
  • Darkiplier is canonically on Santa Claus' nice list. Whether this was because of the reason stated by Santa Claus, that Darkiplier was "nice", or that Darkiplier had manipulated Santa to his own ends, is unknown.[13]




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