–Edgar Allan Pug

Edgar Allan Pug, also known as Edgar Kjellberg, or more simply as Edgar, was a pug internet personality from the Internet Reviewer Multiverse, known for being a simultaneous friend and pet to PewDiePie.


Edgar was roughly one year old when Pewds adopted him, meaning he would have born in 2012. (VLOG: MA NEW DOGE)


After seeing PewDiePie's deteriorating mental state resulting from his inability to design a novel set of headphones, Edgar attempted to cheer him up, pointing out his YouTube accomplishments. Kjellberg refused to listen, however, and when Edgar tried to point out how obsessed he had become with designing the headphones, Kjellberg told him to leave. (SKETCH: HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!)

However, after Kjellberg had hit the depths of his despair, Edgar returned with the Razor Kraken Bro headphones, designed in a style that Kjellberg loved. The two of them celebrated, with Pewds elated that the newfound riches that would result from headphone sales would enable him to purchase food for Edgar, which the pug was particularly happy with. (SKETCH: HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!)


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