Sheev Palpatine
Vital statistics
Title Emperor Palpatine
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Sith, Galactic Empire
Status Deceased
Location Death Star II, in orbit above the Forest Moon of Endor

A despot native to the Star Wars Multiverse, Emperor Palpatine was a Sith Lord, and in much of his Multiverse, the most powerful one ever to have lived. He ruled an entire galaxy under his iron fist for decades, before being assassinated by Darth Vader.

It should be known, that should you attempt to travel to the Star Wars Multiverse, that you should never, ever cross Palpatine. He was a master swordsman and incredibly gifted with The Force, making him a formidable opponent to those suicidal enough to attack him.

For example, while many Force Adepts have difficulty small objects, some variants of Palpatine could rip holes in space to allow for interstellar travel.