Fernando Whitmore was an incredibly devoted Christian and American crime lord from an Undefined Multiverse, one who ran Miami, Florida with an iron fist. His was a life of luxury and power, until the day Joe Kazinsky and Chaise Long became determined to take him down.



After the shootout at Fernando's Bar and Grill, Whitmore was arrested, thrown into the county jail, where he was mocked and ridiculed, with only a picture of his two sons to give him hope.



Fernando Whitmore appeared exclusively in a Simpsons couch gag, in the episode Teenage Mutant Milk-Caused Hurdles. He is "played" by Ned Flanders, in a role heavily based on Tony Montana (Being a Miami crime lord, his suits, his mansion, and the final shootout that occurs within said mansion). There are some odd tidbits of information that can be seen within the video.

  • His eye colour changes half-way through the couch gag, starting off as blue before becoming brown.
  • Whitmore can be seen at various points smoking cigars, something that Flanders would never do.
  • An unrecognizable blonde woman is seen on his yacht - one who looks nothing like Maude Flanders or Edna Krabappel. Presumably this means that Whitmore is alright with extra-marital relationships.
  • When we see Kazinsky and Long attacking "Fernando's Bar and Grill", we can see Moe Syzlak, who appeared earlier at the "Moe's" analogue. Apparently Whitmore hired a witness to him threatening death on a woman to tend his bar.
  • In the same shot, we see Comic Book Guy serving as one of Whitmore's bodyguards, where he gets shot to death by Kazinsky, only he turns up later during the shootout at Whitmore's Mansion, in his regular attire no less. Maybe it was Comic Book Gay?
  • When we see Whitmore in jail, he's being laughed at by Chief Wiggum. Not only that, but he's covered in various "Christian" tattoos, with a picture of Rod and Todd Flanders on the wall, tying him closer to Ned that previously appeared. Other interesting things in the cell include a Teddy bear, a to-do list, and a sentence carved into the wall saying, "Thous Must Kill Forgive Simpson". Who's Simpson?
  • The final assault carried out on Whitmore's mansion is a direct parody of the one from Scarface, although Whitmore seemingly isn't killed and the mansion is blown up.
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