The Internet Reviewer Multiverse was one where many bizarre and unorthodox individuals and events could be found, and a high proportion of various Internet Reviewers and Let's Players were people of extreme importance, having various adventures. The natives of this reality have a propensity for being eccentric; with highly pronounced quirks and traits usually not seen in such magnitude.

A large subset of this reality is known as the Channel Awesome Multiverse; it was previously considered separate, but evidence found by researchers have been able to tie it all together in a cohesive hole.

Some also refer to this Multiverse as the Let's Player Multiverse, due to their overall grand importance to keeping their worlds safe.

The barriers between other multiverses and this one are much smaller; This often allows for variants of the characters of films being reviewed that exist in this reality to come to the defense of their actions, so to speak.

Some corners of this reality are especially thin, and in some cases non-existent. For example, the portion of reality occupied by Phelous is especially bizarre; to the point where attempting to make sense of some of the events that he's gone through are almost impossible to explain.

Prominent Residents

Prominent Locations

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