I am Iron Man.

–The Iron Man

The Iron Man was a human scientist who sought to prevent the apocalypse.


Travelling to the future, the man who would become the Iron Man sees that the apocalypse has occurred. Attempting to return to the present, he passes through the Great Magnetic Field, becoming transmuted into a living steel corpse.

However, he does successfully return, only to find himself paralysed and trapped inside his own body, unable to communicate with the outside world.

Seeing what became of the scientist, the population mocks him, unaware or uncaring of his plight. The Iron Man decides that saving humanity is no longer his goal, and instead decides to end it.

Eventually, he regains control of his body, and ushers in the very Armageddon he sought to prevent. (SONG: Iron Man)


Originally a humanitarian, with hopes of saving his misguided species, the long-term effects of his transformation and isolation drove the Iron Man mad, turning him into a genocidal maniac.

Weapons and Abilities

  • Metallic Body: Seemingly indestructible, as he manages to destroy civilization without his own destruction.
  • Time Travel: Prior to becoming the Iron Man, he devised a method of traveling through time.


  • This wiki takes the liberty of assuming the Iron Man himself devised the time travel, as there is no mention in the song of anyone else aiding him. That would make him a scientist.
  • Has absolutely no relation to Tony Stark.
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