Jacob Sherwood (born 1989)[1] is an English actor, director, and writer, primarily known for the cult web series Bad Creepypasta.


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Sherwood used several pseudonyms during his career, until 2014, when he decided that "no one really has anonymity".[2]



Year Title Role Notes
2016 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them New Yorker
  • Performed stunt work; is visible dodging a car.
2018 Assassin's Revenge
  • Frank McMillian
  • Michael Lombard
  • Served as a body double for Michael Madsen, as well as a brief part as an accountant.
2018 Farming Gray Skin
Upcoming Grey Sea Craig
  • Also writer.
Upcoming Curse of Dracula[3] Count Dracula[3]
  • Production is on hold because of COVID-19.
Upcoming The Mould Shadow: Bad Creepypasta the Movie Jacob Sherwood
  • Also writer and director.


Year Title Role Notes
2016 D.A.Z.E.D Edward
  • Pilot for a television series that was never picked up.
Upcoming Darkland
  • Also writer / creator.

Internet Content

Year Title Role Notes
2007 The Rules of 'Poker' Milky Pirate[3]
  • Writer and director, under the pseudonym of Brendan Davis.[2]
  • Cameoed as a milk drinker, uncredited.
2009 I Am The Knight Angry Clown
  • Short film released partially incomplete in 2016.
2010 The Dead Walk Jake
  • Also writer and composer.
2012 Ex Abyssus Eric's Apparition
  • Also writer and director.
2013- present Bad Creepypasta Host
  • Also creator of the show.
2014 Darkland: BEN Drowned Mr. Lip
  • Also writer / director.
  • Partially lost film, never completed filming.
2015 Nyctophobia
  • Brett Gardener
  • The monster
2016 Grey Sea Craig
  • Also writer.
2017 The Mummy Invasion King Sandybutt
2017 The Killer Spider Smith
2017 The Alien Invasion
2017 The Mummy Invasion 2 - Curse of the Mummy's Tomb King Sandybutt
  • Cameo.
2017 The Mummy Invasion 3 Lunch
  • Also appears as King Sandybutt in archive footage.
2017 Murky
  • Experimental film.
2017 The Mummy Invasion 4 - The Big Return
2018 Shadow The Man
2018 Hello Is Not Always So Simple! Male lead
  • Student film.
2018 Friendship Himself
  • A Gemma Milne student documentary.
2018 It Came From The Pool Trash Monster
  • Credited only as "?".
2018 Within Orderly
  • A Gemma Milne student film.
2018 Attempting the Carolina Reaper Challenge (Insane) JSIZZLE6969
  • A short film parodying YouTube "Challenge" videos.



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