He'll fucking gut you.


Jeff Hodek[1] (later known as 'Jeff the Killer') was a Human serial killer from the Creepypasta Multiverse, and an infamous one at that.


Prior to the Accident

Jeff at one point teased his brother Liu by wearing his glasses. (FILM: Jeff the Killer)

The Accident

In November of 2007[2],Jeff was hauling a gallon of acid into his bathroom, so that he could clean his bathtub, when he slipped on a bar of soap, and spilled the acid on his face.

Fortunately, a neighbour heard his cries for help, and was able to get him to a hospital in time to save his life.

When Liu heard, he immediately went to the hospital. Unfortunately, Jeff's psyche was irreparably damaged by the experience.(FILM: Jeff the Killer)

Aftermath and Killings

Jeff remained in medical care for approximately ten months. (PROSE: Hi, I'm killerjeff.)

In late October 2008, Jeff had a mental breakdown. (PROSE: Hi, I'm killerjeff.)

Jeff committed his first murder on November 11th, 2008. (PROSE: Hi, I'm killerjeff.)

In order to prevent his brother from being arrested, Liu was forced to commit murder, on March 26th, 2009. (PROSE: Hi, I'm killerjeff.)

On May 12th, Jeff murdered a couple. (PROSE: Hi, I'm killerjeff.)

On December 20th, Jeff encountered their son, a bounty hunter, in an alleyway. Jeff shot him and left him to die. (PROSE: Hi, I'm killerjeff.)

However, the bounty hunter survived, and after recuperating, began hunting down Jeff in February of 2010. (PROSE: Hi, I'm killerjeff.)

On April 2nd, the bounty hunter arrived at Jeff's house, intent on a one-man assault. Despite this, Jeff captured him, holding him prisoner until July 7th, when the bounty hunter escaped and fled the country, planning on training much harder before encountering Jeff again. (PROSE: Hi, I'm killerjeff.)

Jeff targeted children, driving around in a red van, with "Free Candy" scrawled on the side. (FILM: Jeff the Killer)

Weapons and Abilities

  • Summoning Ritual: By performing the proper ritual, Jeff can be summoned.[3]
  • Ritual Chanting: After a summoning, Jeff will ritualistically chant with the intention of harming the summoner. Failing to stop him from doing so results in a "nightmarish field trip."[3]


Jeff was driven insane by the accident, and became convinced that he had to "do the world a favour" by killing all the humans that "infested" the world.[4]

Jeff enjoyed horror, including ghost stories, and slasher films.[3]


  • For all the flak given to the GameFuelTv version of the character, and the story given to him, this version can hardly be considered superior. What's more plausible? A thing of bleach, or bathtub cleaning acid?
  • In the Sesseur video, the text says "He'll fucking gut you." Presumably this means this version also wields a knife.


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