I hate PewDiePie! PewDiePie sucks!

–Vailoc, hating the haters

DJ Vailoc, better known by the false alias Malcolm1466, was a Human from the Internet Reviewer Multiverse, one with an obsessive hatred of PewDiePie. His hatred seemingly knew no bounds, and PewDiePie regularly considered him one of his arch-foes, alongside people like Dillon the Hacker.


Malcolm began creating a series of quizzes, starting with Pewdiepie Quiz 2016. It was a normal quiz at first, but quickly became derisive and unpleasant for PewDiePie to read. PEWDIEPIE QUIZ 2016

Later on, PewDiePie unearthed another of Malcolm's quizzes, The PewDiePie IQ Test. Like the previous one, it was inflammatory, insulting, and brought PewDiePie much consternation. THE PEWDIEPIE IQ TEST

Malcolm later brought up another challenge, one he named "Malcolm's TRY NOT TO CRINGE CHALLENGE". PewDiePie found it, and took the challenge. This time, PewDiePie managed to rise above it.

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