If there's one thing you know about Markiplier, it's that I have many, many mortal sins to my name.

–Markiplier, Los Angeles, California - Are You Ready For Christmas QUIZ

Markiplier was a Human Let's Player from the Internet Reviewer Multiverse, one who specialized in reviewing horror games. He frequently collaborated with Muyskerm and LordMinion777, as well as Yamimash and JackSepticEye, and was supported by his close ally Tiny Box Tim.

He also on occasion collaborated with PewDiePie, as well as TheRPGMinx.

He was at several points murdered by the Slender Man, as well as by Wilford Warfstache.

When pressed with the choice, he activated the Godshead device. Charlotte and Salvadore's deaths hit him particularly hard, as well as the fates of John and Molly Pilgrim.

Apart from Slenderman, he had nemeses in the form of an evil twin, Darkiplier, an evil copy of Tiny Box Tim, who went by the name of Hardwood, as well as the infamous Crazed Butt-Stabber, and the lesser known foe, the Mad Forest Puncher. As Darkiplier was to Markiplier, Dark Bob and Dark Wade were to Muykserm and LordMinion777.

He also witnessed the birth of the MMMMMMMMMMM species, along with Wade. (LET'S PLAY: MMMMMMMMMMM)


Mark was a trumpet player in high school, earning himself the nickname, "Devil's Trumpet". (LET'S PLAY: a girl and a dog survive a flood)

In school,


Slender Man Harassment Campaign

Following the Rake Trials of '09, Slender Man was granted immunity for any complicity in the crimes. He went to live in the forest, turning his life to art. Markiplier entered the forest soon after, looting the art that the Slender Man had chosen to hang around the forest. (SKETCH: The Fall of Slender Man)[2]

Markiplier was interviewed by Wilford Warfstache shortly afterwards. In the interview, he expressed no remorse for his thieving ways, claiming "Slender Man ain't got shit on my swag! Yoloooooooooooo!" (SKETCH: The Fall of Slender Man)

Shortly after that, he was run over by a bus, and was tragically killed. Despite his death, he tracked the Slender Man to an asylum, along with others.(SKETCH: The Fall of Slender Man)[2]

Markiplier and his accomplices then tracked the Slender Man down following his release, at which point he stole the Slender Man's lesson plans. (SKETCH: The Fall of Slender Man)[2]

He continued stalking the Slender Man, breaking into his home, and looting family heirlooms, including a grandfather clock. (SKETCH: The Fall of Slender Man)[2]

Markiplier and the others followed the Slender Man into the city, and when the Slender Man turned himself in to the police, Mark continued his campaign of harassment and thievery while the Slender Man was in prison. Mark and the others (Including Warfstache) ganged up on the Slender Man, beating him mercilessly. (SKETCH: The Fall of Slender Man)[2]

80,000 Subscribers

Soon after hitting 80,000 subscribers, Markiplier had the idea to smear peanut butter on his face, so as to have squirrels lick it off. When questioned why he might want to do that, Mark had no answer, choosing instead to run outside in his backyard, proclaiming himself "King of the Squirrels". (SKETCH: King of the Squirrels)

A Whole Week of Amazing Videos

Mark arranged a flight for LordMinion777 to Los Angeles. (SKETCH: Wade Loves Markiplier)[3]

While playing with a handheld video game, Markiplier heard a rattling at the door. He went to the door in disgust as the rattling became more violent, before hearing Wade calling out his name. With a sigh of resignation, Mark opened the door, as Wade leaned in through the crack and began talking in an unnerving manner about he'd missed Mark, and had come to Los Angeles with the intention of spending time with him. Unamused, Mark replied that the two of them wanting to hang out was the reason that he'd flown Wade to L.A. in the first place, and ordered him to come in. (SKETCH: Wade Loves Markiplier)

Mark was texting when he heard a ring at the door bell. Knowing it must be his friends Ryan and Daniel Kyre, he spastically fell backwards over the couch, before leaping up in joy and running to the door, opening it nonchalantly. He welcomed the pair to L.A. and invited them in, predicting that many amazing videos would be made during the time they were there. Walking up to Ryan, he placed his hands around his neck in a caring fashion, before nearly snapping it, saying that he respected him very much. He then placed his hand on Ryan's shoulder, sending the Cyndago star into a wave of ecstasy.

He then moved on to Daniel, removing the Cyndago star's hat before replacing it on his head. He then shook Daniel's hand, sending his friend into a wave of euphoric pleasure. As both Daniel and Ryan stood motionless from the effects of Markiplier's magical touch, Wade rose from the floor, smiling gleefully. Mark, angered by Wade's presence, demanded to know what he was doing there, leaning close enough for his nose to protrude into Wade's cheek. Markiplier then began caressing Wade's hair. Just several seconds of contact was enough to send Wade into orgasmic shock. Mark stood disgusted at Wade's enjoyment of his touch, before another ring of the doorbell distracted him and roused his three guests from their stupor.

Muyskerm walked through the door, and his very presence caused Mark, Ryan, Daniel, and Wade to begin lovingly and somewhat aggressively caressing him. (SKETCH: Markiplier's Magic Touch)[4]

Return from the Hospital

After getting out of the hospital, Markiplier claimed to hear the Squirrels calling to him, and he decided to once again smear peanut butter on his face, and run around in his backyard. In doing so, he received physical pain, but no doubt brought elation to his subjects. (SKETCH: King of the Squirrels Returns)

Trapped Inside Arnold

Markiplier was among the people JonTron called in to aid him in his fight against Darth Vader. Markiplier was unfortunately waylaid, having encountered a redheaded lady in possession of a "wizard-like" school bus, and had become trapped inside Arnold, after having been inside an olive that Arnold had ingested. Markiplier as a result became determined to help Arnold overcome strep throat.[5] After JonTron found out that Goblin Head Boy was the sole support he would get from his squadron, he decided to call off the attack, and activated a self-destruct sequence in all the other X-Wings. Markiplier called out in fear as he was enveloped in flames from the exploding X-Wing. (WEB SERIES: X-WING)

Fidget Spinner Addiction

On St Patrick's Day, 2016, Markiplier was walking the streets, only to cross a fidget spinner dealer. He purchased a great deal of them, quickly becoming addicted, and running through the streets like a loon. He then locked himself in the bathroom. Eventually, Amy Nelson came to inquire what he was doing. Mark, during this time having grown an additional six arms, panicked and shouted out he had done nothing wrong. (SKETCH: FIDGET SPINNERS RUIN LIVES)

Turkey Attack

In November of 2016, Markiplier began hanging Christmas decorations, happily anticipating the coming of Christmas. It was then that he noticed a sinister figure outside his window, that moved to the door before bursting into his home. Despite his protests that Christmas was upon them, the Turkey dragged him off, before delivering a Thanksgiving message to onlookers. (SKETCH: Christmas Can Wait)


Markiplier is a very erratic, caustic, and oftentimes pyschotic person.

Fischbach described Markiplier as a "narcissistic asshole", who would use those around him to his advantage.[6]

Weapons and Abilities



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