MIMAL THE ELF is a short film, uploaded to the Cinemassacre YouTube channel on April 1st, 2017.


Lost and found! A VHS recording of "America's Most Mysterious" TV show, featuring Mimal, the killer elf of forgotten folklore. Only part of the episode was recorded unfortunately.


A VHS recording begins playing, showing a recorded episode of "America's Most Mysterious". The narrator begins to speak of unsolved murders that occurred in Louisiana, before cutting to a historian, who explains the geographical region of Mimal - Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana. The historian then explains that while the acronym is well-known, there is another angle to it- if one were to travel on a direct path through all five states, an elf would appear in your path, seeking to kill you.

The narrator states that the first known encounter occurred in 1789, when a coach carrying supplies traveling on the west side of the Mississippi disappeared. The historian speaks of murdered railroad workers, and surveyors who noted the danger. By 1858, the routes needed to avoid the murderous elf were established, and the geographic area known as Mimal was formed.

The narrator speaks over footage recorded in 1993, purported to display the mythical Elf. The sighting corresponds with a double murder. Forensic evidence reveals that the murder occurred only a few short minutes before sighting, and that the murdered couple had driven through all five Mimal states. The historian questions who would ever attempt this path to disprove the myth.

The testimony of Richard Miller is then shown; after hearing of the legends from his grandfather as a child, he resolved to make the journey. On his honeymoon, in 1998, he broke the news to his wife. Unreceptive to the idea, the two made the trip anyways, with Miller assuming the trip would bring them closer together.

After arriving in Louisiana, Miller felt the need to relive himself; in the interim, Mimal the Elf appeared, and murdered his wife. Her dying screams brought him back to the car, in time to see Mimal escape into the forest, but not in time to save his wife. The show then prepares to cut to commercial, promising cryptozoologists analying the Mimal tape, as well as another police investigation with Mimal's reputed involvement.

After the show cut to commercial, the viewer evidently became bored; flipping through channels, and finding nothing of interest, they switch the TV off.



Make-up was provided by actress Mary Scholz.[1] The Mimal re-enactment scenes were shot in 2014, while the rest was only shot in early 2017.[2] The actors ad-libbed their lines.[2] The footage shot was run through a VHS machine, meaning the VHS-recording appearance of the film was in fact genuine.[2]

The painting of Mimal was painted by surreal artist Joe Vondayl,[2][3] while the opening graphics were provided by Patrick Martinez.[2] A drawing of Mimal was created by Anthony Christopher.[2]


  • The third in a series of improvised sequences shot with Kevin Finn, the prior two being "Jekyll and Hyde: The Game: The Movie", and "Flying Fuckernauts Vs The AstroBastards".[2]
  • Mimal the Elf had been mentioned prior in an episode of "The Angry Video Game Nerd", "Atari Sports".[2]
  • The program featured in the supposed "recording", "America's Most Mysterious", was patterned after "Unsolved Mysteries, Sightings, Fact or Fiction, In Search of, The X-Files, or anything of that nature."[2]



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