Pat was a somewhat energetic human from the Let's Player Multiverse. His most notable expeditions were alongside Wade, Gar, and/or JP, with whom he endeavored numerous adventures (these include surviving on a raft in the middle of the ocean, escaping a high-security prison, and being trapped inside an alternate time dimension).

Pat, Wade, Gar, and JP were a legendary team capable of conquering almost anything thrown at them. Originally self-named the Fruity Loops, they eventually became known as Dem Salty Bois -- a name inspired by their immense collective rage.


Before DSB

Not much is known about Pat's beginnings. It is speculated that before joining forces with DSB, Pat worked as a surgeon for a short time, but this is doubtful because of his struggles with memory loss in his early days. As Pat struggled to find himself, he met various friends along the way who helped him discover his true personality.

Like Gar, Pat often delved into perilous situations whenever possible. He is notorious for hunting Bigfoot, among various other expeditions. On his own, he has been known to tackle zombies, ghosts, skeletons, and many other supernatural creatures.

Pat's spirit of adventure often led him to very dangerous situations, however. After his Bigfoot-hunting days, Pat managed to get himself thrown in jail for an undisclosed crime (thought to be the result of a freak golfing accident involving oddly shaped golf balls moving at immense speeds). It was there that he met Wade, who was given a hefty sentence for throwing JP out of an elevator window during a round of Gang Beasts (As a side note, JP survived the injury but was left in a full body cast for three months). Together, Pat and Wade formulated an elaborate plan to escape from prison, which involved a wrench, flashlights, water valves, coat hangers and a lot of violence.

Once safely out of prison, and with cops all around searching for any traces of them, Wade took Pat back to his lair to meet the other members of Dem soon-to-be Salty Bois. Unfortunately, the location and appearance of this lair are unknown to all except for the members of DSB and their immediate families.

After Formation of DSB

The crew often played golf in their downtime, and one day, Pat sniped JP's golf ball from across the playing field, causing him to release a scream of pure rage which transported the entire team to an alternate time dimension. With JP still frozen out of disbelief, the four determined gamers puzzles their way through a series of distorted clocks. After an unknown amount of time, Patrck and Dem Salty Bois finally unlocked the last door to exit the time dimension. Unfortunately, they now found themselves on a raft in the middle of the Pacific ocean, surrounded by sharks.

The one uniting feature of Dem Salty Bois was their unstoppable rage, which they used to fuel perseverance. Together, the four lonely Let's Players worked to collect driftwood, plastic, and other building materials to survive in the ocean. At first, their raft was incredibly small and hard to live on, but as days turned into weeks and then months, the raft slowly transformed into an enormous ship, of Patrck's design. Now equipped with cannons, masts, and all the makings of a pirate ship, DSB sailed eastward towards their home, fighting any beast which dared to cross their path.

The four pioneers swiftly returned to the west coast and parted ways. On occasion, there is a reported sighting of Patrck either sailing the seas with friends, or on another bizarre adventure. Not much is known about the current whereabouts Pat and his crew, besides these sightings. What is known for certain is that when together, Pat, Gar, Wade, and JP create a powerful energy that renders them almost unstoppable. The power of Dem Salty Bois is unrivaled by many, and their everlasting rage is promising of adventures to come.


  • Pat's personality varies based on who he is with and what he is doing.
    • During the group's downtime, Pat partakes in a variety of activities (like playing UNO with Dem Salty Bois or sailing the seas), and is generally relaxed and cool. He is often the "chill" one in the group, acting as an emotional anchor for others.
    • However, when in more rage-inducing situations (like time-based challenges or the elusive sport of golf) Pat tends to take out his anger on others, leading to situations like JP's above-mentioned meltdown.
      • Pat's rage gave rise to a new superpower when he joined Dem Salty Bois. Like all other DSB members, Pat has a rage-fueled power; when under pressure or in a frustrating scenario, his accuracy and precision become incredibly high, allowing him to excel at whatever task was previously angering him (and attack enemies in the process).


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