Pierre Kirby (September, 1960[1] - c. 1990) was an English martial arts film star known for his nine films under the banner of IFD Productions. Prior to his film career, he was known to have been a yacht delivery man.


In his interview with Cinema Nocturna, Paul John Stanners states, "Pierre Kirby, now around him there was lots of speculation. Good looking, could act and reasonably good at martial arts. The guy sailed into Hong Kong on a yacht with a few very nice Singaporean ladies in tow. Said he made most of his money delivering yachts between different destinations in South East Asia ( nice work if you can get it - but legitimate !? )." [2]

He continued, "So why the speculation !?. Well, Pierre went off to deliver a yacht to the Philippines - never came back !. Next, the story circulates via Pedro (guy who ran all the movie editing for IFD / Filmark) that he was attacked by pirates, resisted and was thrown overboard. Again, it does happen in that region. So, six months on and this guy Edowan Bersmea is in the Hyatt Hotel in Hong Kong to meet someone and spots Pierre in the crowd. Shouts to him, guy turns and heads out - never to be seen again ![2]

In an interview with the "Golden Ninja Warrior Chronicles" blog, Edowan Bersma stated, "Do I remember him – ‘haha’ - Pierre was the main guy indeed. Pierre was the more body-build type amongst us, knowing the right moves, hence lasting much longer in the Ninja movie scene. A good guy in general with a fun sense of humour, and quite mature for his age."[3]

When asked to elaborate on Kirby's disappearance, he explained, "Yeap it was me who spotted Kirby in the Hyatt afterwards, but failed to confirm this due to a Maze of people between me and him disappearing quickly. Pierre disappeared to the Philippines, on a yacht with friends. Typhoons (=cyclones) were the norm that Summer, leaving little to his fate. When I met with Danny (Thunder of Gigantic Serpent, ) Dewey (The Super Master) and others in Korea and Japan years after, no one had heard from Pierre since."[3]

Brad Jones, low-budget filmmaker and internet personality known for playing the Cinema Snob and Kung Tai Ted, is known to be a particular fan of Pierre Kirby. When asked about whether he had found out about what happened to Pierre Kirby, he said, "Pierre Kirby was a yacht dealer, and on one of his trips, his boat was taken over by pirates and he was tossed overboard. That’s actually really what happened, this was not long after he completed his last movie with IFD. His sister once got in touch with me after I did Pierre Kirby week, because she had no idea that her brother ever did any movies and she wanted copies of them. She said the weirdest part was seeing him with a dubbed voice, as he had a heavy British accent in real life."[4]

Partial Filmography

Year Title Role Notes
Full Metal Ninja Leon
Crackdown Mission Neal Brown
  • One of two films in which Pierre Kirby played a cop, the other being "Savage Temptation".
  • Kirby's only film to have supernatural themes.
Thunder of Gigantic Serpent Ted Fast
  • Pierre Kirby's only kaiju film (though he never interacts once with the titular gigantic serpent, Mosler).
Ninja of the Magnificence Farris
Zombie Vs. Ninja Duncan
American Force 2: Untouchable Glory Brian O'Riley
American Commando 2: Hunting Express Norman
  • Kirby's sole villainous role.
American Commando 3: Savage Temptation Keith
  • One of two films in which Pierre Kirby played a cop, the other being "Crackdown Mission".
American Commando 4: Dressed to Fire Nick
2018 American Commando: The Crackdown Mission Keith Brown
  • Fan edit of Pierre Kirby footage from several of his films, "Crackdown Mission", "American Force 2", "Hunting Express", "Savage Temptation", and "Dressed to Fire", combining them all into one narrative.



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