Prossor 1
Vital statistics
Title Leader of The Omega
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction The Omega
Status Active
Location Unknown

Prossor was the despotic leader of the Orwellian government known as The Omega. The Omega were the rulers of the post-apocalyptic world in this corner of an Undefined Multiverse, and they ruled with an iron fist.

That could be taken almost literally, in the case of Prossor, who made the habit of installing cyborg duplicates to maintain his position as ruler, while he hid in the shadows to avoid assassination attempts. This succeeded at least once, when The Rider led a resistance force to liberate the city where they believed Prossor had set up his headquarters. Prossor survived the attempt, and set out to crush the resistance, no matter the cost.

Researchers have noted his similarity to Kobras and Harker, along with Sam Loomis, Septimus Harding, and Professor Lasky. Warrior of The Lost World