Richard Nixon was the 37th President of America.

Prominent Variants

Popular Culture



Year Name Appearance Notes
1995 Richard Nixon
1995 Richard Nixon
1999-2013 Richard Nixon's head
  • The disembodied head of Richard Nixon serves as President of Earth.
2013 Richard Nixon
  • Richard Nixon's first time travel experiment encountered a malfunction, stranding him in the ice age and forcing him to fend for his life against a sabertooth tiger.[1]


Year Name Appearance Notes
1975 Richard, King of the Kingdom of Grand Rapids
  • Not referenced by name, solely as a disgraced former monarch replaced by King Jerald.[2]
1980 Richard Millnest Duxon
  • A duck counterpart to Richard Nixon. Title character Howard the Duck didn't much care for him.


Year Name Appearance Notes
2004 Richard Nixon
  • Vice President Nixon of the Democratic Party loses the election to Republican John F. Kennedy in 1960.


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