Sir Robert Borden (26 June 1854 – 10 June 1937) was the eighth Prime Minister of Canada, serving from 1911-1920, best known today for his leadership during World War I.

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The following list is of explicit appearances of Sir Robert Borden.

Year Name Appearance Notes
2007 Sir Robert Borden
2013 Sir Robert Borden


The following is a list of explicit mentions of Sir Robert Borden.

Year Name Appearance Notes
1998 Robert Borden
  • A character engages in imaginative speculation as to whether President Theodore Roosevelt would step into a gladiatorial arena against Borden or against the Duke of Connaught, Governor General of Canada. They imagined that Roosevelt would win the fight and then take on Woodrow Wilson, President of the Confederate States of America.
2004 Robert Borden
2005 "Gordon"
  • Character Brent Leroy receives a $100 bill. At first concerned that it may be counterfeit, he quickly hit on a scheme to avoid paying for things, exploiting peoples fear of being stuck with a counterfeit bill, or just avoiding the hassle of making change.
  • Brent consistently refers to the Prime Minister of Gordon, even after being corrected.
  • John Diefenbaker was also mentioned on Corner Gas, and both Paul Martin and Stephen Harper would go on to appear as themselves in later episodes.
2010 Robert Borden
  • Borden receives brief mention.
2017 Robert Borden
  • After the timeline is disrupted by a time traveler seeking to undo Canada's history, Special Agent Terrence Meyers's personal devotion to Sir Wilfrid Laurier enables him to see that Borden should not Prime Minister.



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