Ho, ho, ho, ho...

–Santa Claus, laughing in a jolly manner while stalking the Turkey

Santa Claus was an immortal, homicidal lunatic from the Internet Reviewer Multiverse, a man contractually obligated to bring gifts to human children every year, on Christmas Eve.


Roughly 10,000,000 years prior to 2013, Santa began his work of delivering gifts. (SKETCH: Santa's Rampage)


Stalking the Turkey

Santa Claus arrived at the Turkey's home, and began telepathically broadcasting "A Visit From St. Nicholas" into the Turkey's mind. As the Turkey noticed Santa's presence outside, Claus telekinetically dragged the Turkey to his bedroom, before penetrating the house, and cornering the trapped Turkey. (SKETCH: Christmas Can't Wait)

Murdered by Warfstache

During the filming of Markiplier TV, Wilford Warfstache claimed to have killed Santa Claus. Given Santa's Respawning ability, it's likely he will return. (SKETCH: Markiplier TV)

The Red Jacket Man

While taking a Christmas-related quiz, Markiplier came upon a question pertaining to how he would defend himself from "The Red Jacket Man". While Fischbach initially joked about it, he eventually ceded that he would most likely die were he to encounter Claus. (LET'S PLAY: Are You Ready for Christmas QUIZ)

Charity Interview

Santa Claus made an interview appearance to promote charity merchandise available at, but spent more time insulting various other individuals, terming them "egos".[1] He revealed traits of those on his naughty list, that Bing kicked dogs, and had stolen something; that Google had murdered three people; that Darkiplier was on the nice list, terming him "a big old pussy"; and that Wilford Warfstache was permanently on the list due to constant murders.

He continued speaking about a lack of "ego" equality, before angrily asking why he'd not been a part of Markiplier TV. He finished the interview by asking whether his face would be blurred, as he had throughout the interview, revealing that he feared the Author.[2] (SKETCH: SANTA SPILLS THE TEA)


  • TBW

Weapons and Abilities

  • Immortality: Santa has lived for over 10,000,000 years, and has not yet died of old age. This might be due to somehow related to his Respawning ability. (SKETCH: Santa's Rampage)
  • Respawning: Whenever Santa Claus' body is physically destroyed, he returns to life with his body in the same state prior to its destruction. (SKETCH: Santa's Rampage)
  • Santa's Hat: The ball on Santa's hat is the source of his power. (SKETCH: Santa's Rampage)
  • Telepathy: Santa Claus telepathically broadcast the lines of the classic poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas" into the mind of the Turkey. (SKETCH: Christmas Can't Wait)
  • Telekinesis: Santa Claus dragged the Turkey from one room to another, deposited him in a bed, and trapped him under sheets, all without stepping inside the Turkey's home. (SKETCH: Christmas Can't Wait)





  1. While the term "ego" is commonly used in the Markiplier fanbase to denote the different characters that Mark Fischbach has played, "SANTA SPILLS THE TEA" marks the first occasion that one of Fischbach's characters has used the term.
  2. While it's not easily heard, the last line in the interview is, "That Author guy scares me."
  3. Happy Wheels Highlights #2
  4. After Santa's hat falls off at 0:20, Santa picks it up and says, "My head got real big. I had an accident with rhinoplasty and botox."
  5. Claus terms Wilford, "The guy that I maybe know," before later revealing that Warfstache was permanently on the naughty list.
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