The camera pans over to the Host, who continues to talk about the situation, then it pans over to the next person. The next person (Unintelligible) then asks the opinion of Septiplier.

–The Host, describing the events of the meeting

The Author, later known as The Host was an empowered Human from the Internet Reviewer Multiverse, and a sadist who chose to destroy lives to benefit his own.


At some point following his defeat, the Author realized he wasn't the one truly in control of his stories; That he himself was merely playing a part in a larger story. Realizing his role was merely a host to the guests to his world, his whole outlook changed. (TUMBLR: I Thought Author would be back Before Host)

On one fateful day, The Host had established himself in a computer terminal in a darkened room, with monitors displaying only static. He wore a sadistic grin as he donned a pair of headphones, in preparation for some well-enjoyed task. (SKETCH: Danger in Fiction: The Host)

The Host was also a member of a board of directors of a company that Wilford Warfstache was pitching several new television programs to. (SKETCH: Markiplier TV)


  • This character was frequently confused with Darkiplier, to the point that both the official Markiplier Wiki and this wiki both attributed an image of the Host as being one of Darkiplier. However, the Markiplier sketch "Markiplier TV" revealed that they were indeed different characters.
  • This wiki and many other sources didn't recognize "The Author" and "The Host" as one and the same, largely due to personality and completely changed visual aesthetic; However, a reply to a confused fan's Tumblr corrected this misconception.
  • "Danger in Fiction: The Host" wasn't published as the video didn't turn out the way Cyndago and Markiplier wanted. So instead, it was remade into an April fools joke. (INSTAGRAM - Promoting photo)
  • Previous video was published under "Unlisted" though a link is accessible through Cyndago's Facebook Page


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