The Voice of Darkiplier is a song by Welsh YouTuber and musician "Day by Dave", named for and featuring remixed video clips of Mark "Markiplier" Fischbach's character Darkiplier.

It was uploaded to the Day by Dave channel on June 22nd, 2017[1], and was shortly afterward re-uploaded by Fischbach to his markiplierGAME YouTube channel.[2]

Dave then spoke about the background of the song, and his feelings about Fischbach's re-uploading in an episode of FriDave.[3]


  • On the Day by Dave channel:
    • SO GLAD MARK RE-UPLOADED THIS ONE!! Everyone has been asking for a Darkiplier remix and it was a very tricky one to pull off. This is more of an anthem but I hope you guys enjoy. The speech is all from the quiet let's play series Markiplier did.
  • On the markiplierGAME channel:
    • Day by Dave has done it again with another AMAZING remix! But this one is in a category of its own!


The Voice of Darkiplier - markiplierGAME thumbnail
  • YouTube meme creator Flater commented on the video, saying, "is this halo? and another epic video from Dave best channel", to which Day by Dave replied, "yeh, someone sent me a video of him singing it :D".[1] Footage of Fischbach singing the Halo Theme can be found here.



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