Mister Mind

Godzilla Meets The Ghostbusters

Ok, need to add these things at some point.

Jahan Cross

For The Claw, I would need to make mention of an Image Multiverse. Throw in a Dark Horse Multiverse as well. Also, need to have Gune from Titan A.E. = Turkish Jaws

Marcus Valorium is from Once Upon A Spy.

Jack Deth from the "Trancers" series.

Overlord, from "Yor, Hunter From The Future"

Owls in The Family

Alan Holder, and the Death One project from Zombie 3,204,203,200_.jpg

Need to add the Machete movies.

Shane Barbi, Sia Barbi, Betty Blodryed.

Steffi Love, the Glitter Diva

Vincent Price (Channel Awesome Multiverse), and The Thief and The Cobbler

Ned Dunstan, of Peter Straub's "Mr. X"

Jackie Brown, Foxy Brown, Cleopatra Jones

Liam Devlin (The Eagle Has Landed)

Merrick Jamison-Smythe

Merrick Jamison-Smythe
Geist Facility, the Godshead, Project Godshead (Indie game, "Blame", played by Markiplier for bad ending and Manga Minx for good ending)

Project Gillsiege, from the game "Forgotten Project", now referred to as "The Forgotten: Project of Damned". Creature found in 1987, escaped during power outage in 1989. The island it was being held on was evacuated under the orders of "government". It is sensitive to sunlight/UV light.

Donald, of "Donald A Horror Story", and "Donald The Return". Jacksepticeye, Mangaminx, Yamimash

World War Fish, conflict mainly between America and the CoD Menace. Ended with the Peace Talks of 1985. "CoD of Duty", Markiplier

Slendytubbies, Markiplier, Yamimash, Jacksepticeye

Far Cry Primal Characters, like Takkar

Sea-bears, Sea-rhinos, Spongebon Squarepants

Donald Pleasence's characters from the films "Spectres", 1987 (Subway excavation leads to supernatural horrors in the Tomb of Davitian), and "Crim", with Billy Zane as Maurizio Ferreti. Pleasence's character in "Spectres" is Professor Lasky, and in "Crim"/"Milliardi"/"Millions" is Ripa. - - - "Telefon", Charles Bronson (Major Grigori Borzov), Lee Remick (Barabara), Donald Pleasence (Nicolai Dalchimsky) - - Fatal Frames - For Transformers Box Art (G1 Only)

A bizarre reality where Queen Elsa of Arendelle, and her sister, Anna of Arendelle, were combating an army of Zombified clones of the Teletubbies, alonside Coach, and Robocop. They managed to fight their way down a highway, to the ruins of a Taylor Swift concert, where they radioed for help. Unfortunately, a "Tank Zombie" that had been affected by the same Gamma Radiation that had created The Hulk appeared, killing Anna, leaving Elsa, Coach, and Robocop to escape via helicopter. (PewDiePie, CinnamonToastKen)

Carl Kolchak, of "Kolchak: The Night Stalker" - Spoderman - Vincent Majestyk, from the Charles Bronson in "Mr. Majestyk"'s_Analyst James Coburn as Dr. Sidney Schaefer's_Day_Off Ferris Bueller John Bender Samantha Baker,_Trains_and_Automobiles Neal Page (Steve Martin) Del Griffith (John Candy) Shermer, Illinois Shermerverse Navin R. Johnson Tim Jensen and Kate Houghton (Emily Deschanel) Emily Jenkins (Renee Zellwegger) Lillith Sullivan ("Silen Hill girl") Paulina Escobar (Sigourney Weaver) (Robo Vampire movie, with Narcotics Agent Tom Wilde, aka RoboWarrior)!_Heavenly_Dog Benjamin Browning (Chevy Chase, turning into Benji the dog) Jackie (Jane Seymour, turning into a cat)

Duck Dodgers cartoon, The Fudd, Magnificent Rogue, Queen Tyr'ahnee (Make mention in Garfield, Jon, and Alf pages)

Defendor takes place in Hamilton, Ontario as well as the Prom Night Movies

Ponte City in Johannesburg, South Africa Michelle Yip (Michelle Yeoh) Jessica Chang (Michelle Yeoh, who was Wai Lin) (Law And Order, 1976 tv film) (Has Donald Pleasence and Peter Cushing in it) (Leslie Ray as Michelle Casey. Ray was in "Hell's Bloody Devils".) (Signs and Wonders, Don Pleasence is Cornelius Van Damm) (Safe Haven, Don Pleasence is The Sailor) (Screen Two Tv series, Don Pleasence is Victor Harty) (Diên Biên Phú, Don Pleasence is Howard Simpson) (Lovejoy tv series, Don Pleasence is Karel Redl in 1992 episode, The Prague Sun) (Casablanca Express, Don Pleasence is Colonel Bats) (River of Death, Don Pleasence is Heinrich Spaatz) (Buried Alive, Don Pleasence is Dr. Schaeffer) (The House of Usher, Don Pleasence is Walter Usher) (Hanna's War, Don Pleasence is Captain Thomas Rosza) (Vampire in Venice, Don Pleasence is Don Alvise) (Last Platoon, Don Pleasence is Colonel B. Abrahams) (Der Commander, Don Pleasence is Henry Carlson) (The Big Freeze, Don Pleasence is Soup slurper)

Can't forget "Timex Presents Sherlock Holmes", with Robert Shaw as Sherlock and Don Pleasence as Dr. Watson. According to USH Volume, however:

C18887. -- B4166. NBC Television New. Robert Shaw Will Play Title Role in `Timex Presents Sherlock Holmes,' One-Hour Mystery Drama to Be Colorcast on NBC TV Network Next Spring. New York: NBC Press Dept., June 1-3, 1975. 1 p.

A press release for a program that unfortunately was cancelled. Joseph Cates was to have been the executive producer; Alan Bridges, the director; Terence Feely, the writer; and Donald Pleasence, Dr. Watson.'l_Abner Captain Von Rauffenstein, the inspiration for Darth Vader's neck brace. "Return of The Brown Pumpernickel"!_with_Ruff_Ruffman Brief blooper from the first X-Men movie in which one of the stunt fellows dresses up as Spider-Man. Also, make sure to add the Spider-Man angsting over Uncle Ben rice. Phelous' review of Aladdin. Where the, "Derpity-derpity, doop, doop, doop!" comes from. Also where Christopher Walken singing Oh, Phelous came from.

Dewey Crow from "Justified"

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