Ernesto Juan de la Cruz (better known by his stage name, Weng-Weng), was a Filipino action and martial arts film stars, best known for a series of spy films in which he played secret Agent 00.


Dela Cruz was photographed at a pro-Marcos rally in early 1986.[1][2]

Dela Cruz was awarded a trophy during the Starlight Cultural Foundation's Pasig Cultural Affair, at the Marcos Stadium in Pasig, February 22nd, 1986, for being the "International Action Star of Showbiz World".[1]


Year Title Role Notes
1975 Silakbo
1976 They The Brave
1976 They... On Every Sidewalk
1978 Chop Suey Meets Big Time Papa Big Time Papa
1980 The Quick Brown Fox
1981 Stariray
1981 Agent 00 Agent 00
  • First of three films in which Weng-Weng played the eponymous superspy.
  • Believed lost.
1981 Da Best In Da West Bronson
1981 Legs... Body... Girl!
1981 For Y'ur Height Only Agent 00
  • Second Agent 00 film.
  • Crossover with the Tony Falcon "Agent X-44" series.[1]
1982 D'Wild Wild Weng Mr. Weng
  • A contemporary pressbook cites the film as being another adventure of Agent 00,[1] who, like Mr. Weng, is a government agent, practices martial arts, and is named Weng. It's thus a possibility that they ARE the same character.
1982 The Impossible Kid Agent 00
  • The final film in which Weng-Weng stars as 00.
  • The end credits promise a further adventure, "License Expired", which seems never to have been made.
1982 The Cute... The Sexy n' The Tiny The Tiny
  • Director Eddie Nicart is quoted as saying, "The last film with Weng Weng, he is a convict, like an Al Capone - he's in prison and he gets out."[1]
1984 Caliber .357 Unknown, scenes presumably deleted.
  • Credited on Filipino posters.
  • Actor Nelson Anderson recalls shooting footage with Weng-Weng, who had what was essentially a cameo role. When questioned by documentary director Andrew Leavold as to whether the character was intended to be Agent 00, Anderson replied in the affirmative.[1]


  • Common misinformation regarding Weng-Weng is that he starred in the films, "Go Tell It On The Mountain", "MoonBoy From Another Planet", and that he sang a duet with Imelda Marcos of the Frank Sinatra song "My Way".[3] Andrew Leavold asserted that these had been false claims by a rival researcher, meant to mislead him, in his 2017 book, "The Search for Weng-Weng".[1]


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