Whitney Frock
Dr. Frock
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction His own
Status Deceased
Location New York City, New York

Dr. Whitney Cadwalader Frock (Or in some cases, Dr. Albert Frock), was an anthropologist and curator at the New York Museum of Natural History in New York in the late 20th Century, during the time of the "Museum Beast" killings.

More often than not, he was confined to a wheelchair, which sometimes posed a problem in the Universes where he encountered the "Museum Beast", as it was called, leading to it killing him when it crossed his path.

Beyond his involvement in those events, Frock was well-known for his high status in the field of Evolutionary Biology, as well as for being a kindly, older gentleman who his students adored, and last but not least for being the mentor of Margo Green.

Unfortunately, in many documented cases, after discovering the origin of the Mbwun, he started a cult and used the Mbwun lilies to attempt to jump-start the next wave of evolution. Margo, Aloysius Pendergast, Vincent D'Agosta, Bill Smithback, and a leader of a homeless community known as "Mephisto" found and interrupted the cult rituals, and in an ensuing firefight, typically stopped his scheme.