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Who Killed Markiplier? was a four-part YouTube webseries, starring Mark Fischbach, Tyler Scheid, and Robert Rexx.


Chapter One

Markiplier is dead... What was supposed to be a lively game of poker with close and trusted friends has taken a sinister twist. Someone has murdered Markiplier and now it's up to you to find out whodunit! But be careful... because can you really trust anyone in these blood-stained halls?

Chapter Two

Markiplier is missing... or at least his body is. Is someone trying to cover their tracks? Or is there an even more sinister plot underfoot?

Chapter Three

A new piece has been added to the puzzle.. Who is the mysterious Seer and what part does she have to play in all of this?

Chapter Four

In the final chapter of Who Killed Markiplier everyone is at each other's throats. Is everyone going mad inside this manor?



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One piece of music was composed specifically for the series, while the rest was licensed from Epidemic Sound.

Episode 1

  • Opening Theme: Performed by Dan "musicisnotcode" Ring. Plays over the establishing shots in the beginning of the first episode.
  • Welcome To The Manor: Performed and composed by Dan Ring. Plays as the Butler introduces the District Attorney to the Manor, before meeting with Markiplier.
  • Party Scene: Performed by an unknown artist. Dan Ring performed an orchestral arrangement, labelling the song "Party Scene".

Episode 2

  • Walking With The Detective: Composed and performed by Dan Ring. Plays as the Detective monologues while the audience follows along behind him.

Episode 3

  • Tic Tac: Composed by Håkan Eriksson.

Episode 4

  • The Cabinet: Composed by Martin Klem. Plays throughout the series, but is most prominent in the scene in which the District Attorney discovers the Detective's sanctum.
  • Creepy Regrets 4: Performed by Merlean. Plays while the District Attorney is trapped in the void dimension with Damien and Celine.
  • Who's There 2: Performed by Peter Sandberg. Plays at the end of the fourth episode, as the Colonel watches the District Attorney rise to their feet after having assumed them dead for hours, and as the newly formed Darkiplier abandons the Attorney in the mirror.



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