Wilford 'MOTHERLOVING' Warfstache is a short film by Mark Fischbach, and a sequel to "Who Killed Markiplier?" It further continues the story of Wilford Warfstache and Detective Abe Lincoln.


After the events of Who Killed Markiplier, The Detective has never forgiven The Colonel for what happened in that mansion. After countless close calls, Abe's finally cornered the madman as his latest persona... Wilford 'Motherloving' Warfstache


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The script was written in a single day before being sent to the production company. [1]

The film's production was planned in a single week, shot in three days, and took three days to edit, making production last about two weeks.[1]

Fischbach had never worked with the production company he used; the opening shot of the film (Which was also the very first scene to be shot) was made somewhat tense, as Fischbach wanted to make certain that his ideas would be coming across on screen.[1]

Fischbach stated that the beginning and end of the film were shot on the same day; he added that this was nervewracking as well, as he was still unsure of what the final product would be.[1]


Fischbach deliberately oversaturated the colours in the footage introducing Warfstache into the film, both to contrast with the film noir aesthetic of the earlier scenes, and to point of the different natures of the characters of Warfstache and Lincoln.[1]

On July 31st, Fischbach uploaded a short, silent video in which a hand stabs a picture of the Colonel as he was in "Who Killed Markiplier?", along with the text, "You better run...", implying that the Detective had returned and was hunting down Warfstache.[2]

On August 5th, Fischbach posted a message on Facebook informing the fans that the video was imminent, and teasing at its content by mentioning "Friendship Day" and inquiring if they had brought their dancing shoes.[3]

He then posted again when the video was up. [4]

Continuity Notes

  • Lincoln is still hunting down the Colonel after the events of "Who Killed Markiplier?" At this point in his timeline, it's been years since Warfstache shot him.
  • Lincoln is still making homoerotic Freudian slips.
  • Warfstache's real name, William J. Barnum is revealed for the first time. It's not revealed what the J stands for.
  • Warfstache can still teleport after the events of "WKM"; he's also developed other abilities since, like telepathy and
  • Warfstache still claims to be in love with Celine, though he believes she'd be likely to try to kill him if she were to see him again.
  • Warfstache wonders what Damien might be up to, and inquires whether Lincoln has seen him. Lincoln says nothing on the subject. Warfstache also suggests that he might try to look into what's happened to him, though from the context, it's unclear if he wishes to speak with Damien, or Darkiplier.
  • Warfstache references events that Lincoln is completely unfamiliar with; he shrugs it off as them not having occurred yet.
  • Warfstache seemingly survives a point blank gunshot wound to the chest, with no ill effect; while in "The Warfstache Affair", it seemingly killed or at least incapacitated him.
  • Lincoln mentions that Warfstache killed both his "friends" and his "partner".

Real world references

  • Lincoln's internal monologue includes the line, "slow dancing with the devil in the moonlight", a likely reference to the 1989 Batman film.
  • Lincoln mentions a .357 Magnum. Inspector Harry Callahan, of the "Dirty Harry" film series, was well known for carrying a .44 Magnum. In the film "Sudden Impact", Callahan is brutally beaten and left for dead, but survives, and returns to go on a roaring rampage of revenge.
  • Again during Lincoln's internal monologue, Lincoln mentions a clown, "Bozo the Magnificent", performing at his bar mitzvah. Bozo is a oft used name, in reference to Bozo the Clown, an early television character that became very well known throughout the United States in the 1960's.
  • Lincoln brings up one of the Colonel's aliases prior to becoming Warfstache- Wilson Jackson Bartholomew, III - no doubt a reference to Sir Mark Anthony Vestibule Bartholomew, III, a recurring character played by Fischbach in a series of let's plays with CaptainSparklez. Warfstache claims to have married into the family.
  • Warfstache mentions an event Lincoln doesn't remember, being trapped on a train that had been stranded in snow, and that everyone on the train had committed a particular murder. This, according to Fischbach, is evidence of the unreality of the world Lincoln is living in.[1]


  • Fischbach stated in the breakdown that he believed it was the first video shot in 4k resolution to be uploaded to his channel.[1]
  • The names written on the chalkboard in Lincoln's office were improvised by Lauer, without prior planning.[1]
  • There was a small running theme of clowns in the film; Fischbach has stated that there a great deal more clown jokes in the original script, that didn't make the final cut.[1]
  • Mick Lauer's character, Abe Lincoln, at one point attempts to stab a picture of the Colonel; it took multiple attempts in real life to get the knife to stick, and the footage was used because of the unintended humour.[1]
  • Throughout the film, Lincoln has a vape; this was written in as an intentional anachronism, as a vape would not be around in the height of the film noir period.[1]
  • Fischbach included foreshadowing in the beginning; when Lincoln said he couldn't say how many different countries he'd followed Warfstache to, it forecasted Lincoln's loss of memory in the climax.
  • The shot showing Lincoln having a revelation while seated on the toilet was not scripted; it was chosen to be done following the discovery of a toilet on the film set.[1]
  • The working title for the film was "Sunday Evening Heat", parodying "Saturday Night Fever". He only came up with the final name the day prior to uploading it.[1]
  • One deleted scene that didn't make the final cut would have been part of the opening montage, and would have featured Lincoln preparing to shoot up on heroin, before getting inspired to write notes. Fischbach felt it was too tonally different and left it out of the finished film.[1]
  • Fischbach has stated that this films takes place in the middle of Warfstache's progression from being The Colonel in "Who Killed Markiplier?" to where he is in the present day.[1]
  • The scene in which Lincoln asks why Warfstache doesn't remember who he is, another Warfstache pops up in the background. Fischbach has stated that this is intentional, pointing out the shoulder of the Warfstache in the foreground, and adding that he added this brief bit in to point out to the audience that things are not what they seem.[1]
  • Fischbach said in the breakdown that people attempting to chart Warfstache's various abilities are not looking at him from the right angle, as viewing him as a person with powers implies that he has some form of control over what he's doing.[1]
  • The VCR rewind effect employed at the end was not an example of Darkiplier's influence, just a premade effect and a metaphor for things deescalating.[1]
  • In the breakdown, Fischbach estimates the cost of the film having come to $42,000.[1]




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