Warfstache don't take no shit from nobody!

–Wilford Warfstache, after being threatened by the Slender Man

Wilford Warfstache was a Human from an Undefined Multiverse, an investigative reporter who gained fame after his interview with the infamous Slender Man, gradually becoming a famous celebrity who regularly interviewed various other celebrities.


Warfstache was a war veteran. (LIVESTREAM: SLAPS-GIVING - Donations for Slaps)

Warfstache once participated in Markiplier's prison attack on the Slender Man, and allegedly punched him in the testicles. (SKETCH: The Fall of Slender Man)


Wilford Warfstache with AFC News edit - The Fall of Slender Man

Warfstache introducing himself for the AFC interview with the Slender Man

After he was caught having an affair, he murdered an entire family, leading to Warfstache becoming a fugitive from the law. (SKETCH: The Warfstache Affair)

After being on the run for over a year, he was caught in a shootout with the police. After gravely wounding the two officers, he was shot by the infant child of the family, who had survived. The infant was then accidentally murdered by the police. (SKETCH: The Ned Affair)

Warfstache was popular enough to gain his own talk show after that, called Warfstache Tonight!. On it, he would have regular guests that he would interview about various topics.

One of his guests was the infamous Phone Guy, whom Warfstache asked about the workings of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. While Phone Guy was somewhat uncooperative, the interview went on as planned until a power failure. Warfstache set out to figure out what had happened, only to get attacked by Golden Freddy. (SKETCH: Five Night's at Freddy's: The Interview)

Warfstache would later claim to have murdered Santa Claus, and gleefully claimed that there would be no Christmas for children the world over, in a recorded portion of the Markiplier TV project that was never aired. (SKETCH: Markiplier TV)


Over the course of his career, Warfstache became a beautiful disaster.

In his early days at AFC, he was a driven and dedicated man, not allowing the infamous Slender Man to intimidate him, though was frequently willing to make allegations and run with them, such as insinuating that the Slender Man was a pedophile.

He also on occasion displayed great courage, as well as a lack of common sense, such as when he followed the Slender Man back into the forest to get more answers, constantly questioning him, despite the latter's ever increasing efforts to kill him.

Weapons and Abilities


  • Warfstache was essentially an accidental creation, as Mark found the pink mustache while writing "The Fall of Slender Man", and based the character around it.
  • Warfstache apparently doesn't obey the laws of physics. (LIVESTREAM: Markiplier's February 2017 Charity Livestream) What with his repeatedly surviving deaths, his seeming ability to make music play from no visible source, sex toys to spontaneously appear, and to warp reality to the point where he can essentially break the fourth wall, it's not hard to believe.


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