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An intersecting universe from the DC, Marvel and the Zombie Multiverse, in the midst of a Zombie Apocalypse

The Zombie Multiverse was a particularly inhospitable corner of the Omniverse, where a form of the Zombie Virus would be unleashed upon the populace of a planet, most notably Earth, and would eventually those infected would grow to such a high amount that any uninfected people would be wiped out.

Unfortunately, this Multiverse has somehow managed to be bordered with practically every other multiverse, considering the sheer amount of other Multiverses that have at least one Universe where a Zombie Apocalypse has occurred.

Fortunately, many universes have taken note of this, and have sent squads of highly trained killers to eradicate the zombies. Less fortunately, the reason they are doing this is because some of the Zombies have found ways to transport themselves to other universes, leading to the possibility of an Omniverse-wide Zombie Apocalypse.

Prominent Residents

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